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Educational Program "Kick off Business" by Mexoxo with the support of Café Femenino Greece

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Mexoxo AMK was created by Elpida in 2013 with the aim of socio-economic development and free education of women in the field of entrepreneurship. From its foundation until today, it has helped in practice, with characteristic success numbers, 7,000 women, aged 18-55, in 16 countries. It has had an indirect impact on 24,000 women, as for every woman who is empowered, she in turn supports four more in the family, or in her immediate social environment. It is worth noting that Mexoxo has created € 1 million worth of opportunities in development, money and educational travel.

The founder of Mexoxo AMK Elpida notes: “Having lived in countries where women are not self-evident, Mexoxo and I support, activate, seek, ideas, organization, women, those women who will bring change to our planet. This development will come through respect, empathy, guidance, interconnection where it will put us all in an unbroken cycle of change. With trust, faith and commitment to each other. ”

With the purchase of a cup of coffee from Café FemeninoGreece, 25 cents are intended for the MEXOXO foundation, which finances scholarships for live courses aimed at women.

324 Leof. Kifissias Avenue, Athens, 145 63, Greece

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