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Created in 2003 in northern Peru by women coffee farmers who decided to rise up and receive their fair share, Café Femenino has spread across the globe to give women coffee farmers the credit they deserve and the voice they need to empower themselves, their families, and their communities.
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Café Femenino Greece Store

By opening its first Specialty coffee store located at Kifisias Ave. 324, 14563 Kifisia, Café Femenino Greece presents a totally different specialty coffee concept store to the European scene!


Through its quality coffee and economic contribution to the Café Femenino Foundation, Café Femenino Greece honors and presents the story of the women coffee producers in 9 countries, whose labor we enjoy in each cup of coffee we consume.


Café Femenino Greece through the two-fold Quality-Equality aims to increase awareness of public opinion over issues such as gender equality and women empowerment within the international coffee trade.


What We Stand For

The identity of Café Femenino Greece is based on three distinct pillars:

  • The quality of Café Femenino coffee and what makes it outstanding. Our coffee is sourced from nine different origin countries, in which the Café Femenino Foundation works continuously at organizing and educating women coffee producers in the structure of cooperatives in nine origin countries.​

  • The story of the Café Femenino Greece Foundation. Women have always played an extremely important role in the harvesting and processing of coffee in origin countries. Until very recently they had no financial or ethical returns connected to their work and efforts.​

  • The mission of Café Femenino Greece is to financially support the women of the cooperatives who take part in the Café Femenino program in the nine origin countries.

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Gluten & Sugar-Free, Organic, Made by Women Products

Café Femenino Greece together with its specialty organic coffees also offers a wide range of healthy products, all women produced, organic, sugar-free, and gluten-free, a wide variety of fairtrade organic teas (some of which are exclusively found at Café Femenino Greece) as well as vegan and vegetarian choices including freshly made sandwiches of high-quality ingredients, reciprocating in this way to a completely healthy conscious approach to its clientele!

In addition, all consumables at the Café Femenino Greece store are earth-friendly!

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